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Cascadia Creamery is a family run operation. John is the head cheese maker and herdsman, Marci (wife) is the office and marketing manager, Candice (mom) is an assistant cheese maker, and Eric (brother) is webmaster. Let’s not forget Rowan (age 4) who loves handing out samples at tasting events and helping Papa clean up, especially if it involves spraying anything with the hose. The stars of the show are our six organically certified cows (Maggie, Rosie, Co-Co, Tiny, Susie and Bessie) boarded at a small organic dairy down the road.
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Cascadia Creamery Cheese

Cascadia Creamery is a family run operation located in Trout Lake, Washington. Cascadia Creamery revives a long tradition of artisan cheese making in the Trout Lake Valley which began over 125 years ago.

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Cascadia Creamery Cheese