Cancellation Policy
If you would like to cancel your account please send an email to csa@hoodriverorganic.com one week before your last box. Also you must use up all the funds in your cash account with your last box as we do not refund cash accounts. 

Substitution Policy
Since we are a farm, and the weekly produce list is a forecast, sometimes we are wrong. In the case that we do not have an item due to weather or another reason, we reserve the right to sub in another produce item of our choice. We will not credit the original item. 

Service Agreement
I agree that if I choose to pay by credit card and pay per-delivery, my card will be charged Monday before each delivery. If I choose to pre-pay for 10 boxes, my card will be billed at the beginning of that term, before I receive my first box. If I choose to pay by check, my deliveries will not begin until my check is received. If I cancel my membership by sending an email to csa@hoodriverorganic.com, I will not receive a refund for the boxes I have pre-paid for. I can put my account on hold at any time and skip deliveries, but I need to do this one week before that delivery date. If I am paying per-box, I can end my deliveries at any time, but I must give a one week notice via email to cancel.

Privacy Policy
Hood River Organic CSA will never sell or share your information with a third party. However we will use the information you provide to communicate with you electronically and through postal mail about the CSA and Hood River Organic news.

Fish Delivery Policy

All fish deliveries are non-refundable if they arrive thawed/not frozen completely, unless your box arrives after your scheduled delivery date.