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You can choose between our three box sizes: Micro-Sprout (feeds 1-2 people) Sprout (feeds1-3 people) Farmers Box (feeds 2-4 people) and Grande (feeds 3-5 people).

Grande - pay per delivery $65.00 Price:
Farmers Box - pay per delivery $55.00 Price:
Sprout - pay per delivery $45.00 Price:
Micro-Sprout - pay per delivery $35.00 Price:
Grande - 10 delivery deposit $585.00 Price:
Farmers Box - 10 delivery deposit $495.00 Price:
Sprout - 10 delivery deposit $405.00 Price:
Micro-Sprout - 10 delivery deposit $315.00 Price:
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The Micro-Sprout, Sprout and Grande include local fruits and veggies. The Farmers Box also includes local fruits and veggies with a couple additional exotic items. You can customize your box to add bread, cheese, eggs, salsa, jams & jellies, tuna, nuts, and much more! Or sub out things you don't like for things you do like!

"Auto-renews" means that your schedule will go on (weekly or bi-weekly) until you decide to stop it. There is no end date if you choose an auto-renew CSA box! To stop your service, contact us one week in advance and we will stop it for you.

If you choose to prepay for 10 boxes, then your schedule will come to an end, and you will be alerted when it is time to renew.

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